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Frequently Asked Questions

01. How often are the payment periods?

I give you the option to choose the type of payment plan you feel most comfortable with. Usually I suggest the options to be either biweekly or once a month.

02. How quickly can we get started?

I usually begin with a new client 1-2 weeks after signing the contract and setting up our official onboarding call/meeting. I set up a monthly calendar plan, create templates for the specific project, and research key industry trends and stats to help create a smooth and easy transition for you.

03. What is the ROI for hiring a digital marketing specialist?

Digital marketing is more than just converting visitors into customers; Digital marketing can also build brand authority in your industry and help with customer retention. All of these are important to the long-term health of your business.

04. How do I stay updated on my projects?

You will be connected to my Monday.com management system where you can see my progress and deadlines. I will also send a weekly update on tasks I will be working on and what info I may need from you.

05. How quickly will I see results?

There is no set answer to this question because there are multiple factors involved, such as your industry, how well your business is already performing, how much and how often content is produced, etc.

06. What if I'm located in another state?

No need to worry! I have worked with businesses near and far. We can schedule a video chat to discuss your needs for your business. I will accommodate you and keep time zones in mind!