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Social Media Management

I will develop a social media content calendar with interactive images and videos that will boost your following and connect with your dream audience.

You know who your target market is but struggle to relate to them.

You post on social media as much as possible but aren't getting the results you're looking for.

Let me develop an effective marketing plan that allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level and gain the brand exposure you desire.


-Brand/Content development

-Monthly content calendar

-Identifying goals and KPIs

-Engagement strategy

-Conversion strategy

-Measuring and analyzing ROI



We will set up a weekly schedule at your convenience.

Suggested: 10-15 hours/wk.

Prices are subject to change.

Here's How It Works

Social Media Goals

We will discuss your social media goals before anything else. Are you looking to grow brand awareness, build a community, increase conversions/sales?

Target Market Research

After you fill out a fun worksheet to tell me more about who you're trying to reach on social media, I will conduct my own research to better understand your target market.

Competitive Analysis

I will  research your top two competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses, what tactics they are using, and how we can use this information to plan your content strategy.

Develop Content Strategy

Once all the necessary information is gathered, I will develop an effective content strategy that will tell your brand's story and implement your social media goals.